Monday, February 3, 2014

Target Breakfast Twist

Welcome to my informational post about the The Target Busy Family Project. Soon you will find great savings at target for a whole lot of General Mills items that you can use to create some different twists on breakfast for your family.

I received a number of product to experiment with through General Mills and plateful co op. I created 2 different twists with these products for breakfast, they are easy and fun to make.

The first one I call Mock Donuts All you do is slice a Fuji Apple round wise and cut out the middle to get rid of the core. Than you spread Jiff creamy peanut butter all around it and than add some Nutella spread strips on top of the peanut butter. Finely you sprinkle with coconut. The finished product looks like this.

These are very tasty and good for you you can make a bunch of them with just one apple.

The next one I did I call choco-crunch bar. Its made using nature Made granola bars and spreading Nutella on the top and sprinkling it with coconut. Here is what this one looks like.

I had a lot of fun with this project, its so easy to make new and different things for Breakfast that are more healthy but still very Tasty. On February 16th you will be able to visit this event online and get new ideas for Breakfast and money saving coupons at the link below.

Target Breakfast twist link

I hope you give these a try and find more at Target. Thanks for reading my post. I was provided with a number of items through General Mills and plateful co op in order to do this post.

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