Monday, February 24, 2014

Fiber One Fruit Flavored Snacks at Target Review

Welcome to my review for the new Fiber One Fruit flavored snacks. If you would love to get more fiber in your diet but want to do it in a very tasty way I hope you give these snacks a try. these are really good and would be a huge hit with kids . these come in a box of packets that would fit in a lunch box nicely.

I love the flavor of these snacks they provide you with 3g of fiber per serving and taste like any other fruit snack they are a great way to get in some extra fiber.

Fiber One Fruit Flavored Snacks, are made with 100% fruit juice, 100% Dv of vitamin C and are colored form a natural sources. Also they are only 70 calories per serving. I know these will be on deal at Target stores soon Im not sure of the dates yet but keep a look out for them. The box I got to try through Plateful Co Op and general mills came with a 50 cents off coupon on it so you could save big with that.

I really love snacks that can give me something healthy in them that will help me get the fiber I need but still taste great! These are new so I hope you give them a try soon. If your kids already eat a fruit snack , try getting them these Fiber one snacks they will love them as much as others and get some fiber it boot. I was given one box to try and do this review but my opinions are my own. Thanks for looking

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