Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rich in Years Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life, by Johann Christoph Arnold book review

I received a copy of Rich in Years,Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life, by Johann Christoph Arnold, through handle bar so I could review it. I really loved this book and really think it should be in every nursing home, or senior center in the country.

This book would make for a wonderful and helpful gift for anyone who either cares for the elderly or who is elderly. It really made me think because I not only am a caregiver for my parents but I am also going to be 54 and have my own fears of getting older.

To be really honest I think the fear of getting older for me is my greatest fear, I watched my grandfather on my mothers side looses his mind when I was very young and it left a huge impression on me. This was before they called it Alzheimer's but rather just called it senile.

This book will help you see a different view of getting older and will really help you look at it differently. If you know of a person who is elderly or who is a caregiver I hope you get this book for them as a gift , it will help them a great deal and has a lot of insights into aging and sound Christian values to go with it.

This kind of book is very easy to read and digest and long over due in my opinion. It is very insightful and really makes you look at aging in a different light. I hope you give it a try or think to get it as a gift real soon.

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