Tuesday, January 7, 2014

General Mills Weight Watchers-endorsed products on sale at Publix

As a member of My blog spark I often get information on great deals for General Mills and Publix grocery stores. Now you can save big on some General Mills Weight Watchers-endorsed products at Your local Publix .

This is a great time to buy the things you will need for any diet you have planed. I ate a bit much over the holiday season and now that its over I am looking for tasty ways to eat smarter and looses a bit of weight.

Sometime light or diet foods can be a bit pricey but with this sale you can stock up and not have to worry about it. Publix stores are having sales on some really great and diet friendly products such as

Progresso Light soups by one get one

Green Giant frozen veggies buy one get one (This one is my favorite flavor its really filling and so good )

And Yoplait yogurt only 50 cents a cup.

These products are going to really give me a jump on my diet and I was provided a Publix gift card to shop the sale. Since the items on sale are all my favorite I plan to stock up on them this week. You really can go wrong because these are a huge deal and will come in very handy for a healthy start to your new year.

Here is a link to the Publix
web site where you can have a look at the many things on sale and plan your shopping trip. I also encourage you to have a look at online coupons for these items for even more savings.

Dieting at the start of a new year can be expensive but not with these kinds of deals. Its a great time to stock up and have what you need for a nice start on a diet or just because you want to eat healthy . Thanks for looking at my post. I was provided a gift card and some wonderful food containers from General Mills so I could take advantage of the sale and make an informed post.

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