Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WonderZorb odor and moisture control product review

Welcome to my review for WonderZorb odor and moisture control product. This is a safe non-Toxic Environmentally safe all natural way to Keep areas in the home odor free and dry.

I love this product and was so happy to be able to review the samples I got. The way this works is you just place the packet in areas of the home that tend to be humid or have odors.

I live in Florida and it's always humid here, My father collects civil war relics and they have to be kept dry . We have them in display cases and these nice pouches fit right in their to keep them from too much humidity .

WonderZorb come in many sizes and you can even buy the kind you can use with a vaccume. WonderZorb will control mustiness, mildew,smoke odors and a host of other things that make the house stink.

I recommend this to anyone who like me lives in an area of water. I am surrounded by water. I have the inter coastal water way in my backyard across the street and at the end of the street. and about a 1/2 mile away is the ocean .

As a result the house get stinky and we have one closet that seems to really hold the odor. WonderZorb will help get rid of these odors and control moisture.

You can use these in your car, Boat, closet, set on in the bottom of your dirty laundry hamper to absorb the odors, Etc.

WonderZorb is manufactured my KT chemicals Inc This is a fantastic product and I hope you give it a try soon . You can find it to buy at this link


You can also email the company here MLayug@kt-chemicals.com

I did a video review so you could see packaging better thanks for looking.

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