Monday, August 25, 2014

OraMD The Natural Toothpaste and Breath Freshener reminder review

Welcome to my reminder review for OraMD, I love OraMD so much I just had to remind you all about it. Just in case you did not see my post from last year about OraMD here is a reminder.

This product is a refreshing drop you put on your toothbrush . it is filled with wonderful and safe teeth cleaning oils that really work well to keep the breath clean and fresh and your teeth nice and clean.

OraMd uses 100% pure Botanical oils of



and Spearmint

2 to 5 drops on a toothbrush and you than brush as usual. This one can be found at Trusted health products they make so many wonderful natural and pure things, I just love this company.

You can be sure that OraMD is a really safe and effective alternative to conventional toothpaste. It is extremely powerful in taste and really packs a punch which I love ,it will keep your breath fresh for a long time and tastes great.

I did a short reminder video review so you could see packaging I hope you have a look at it below You can find this product at Trusted health products at this link


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