Friday, August 1, 2014

Sheer Cover Studio Mineral makeup Review

Welcome to my review for Sheer Cover Studio Mineral makeup,I got to try a few of their products and have to say these are really the best and most easy to work with mineral makeup products that I have ever used.

I have a drawer filled with mineral makeups because I had really wanted them to work well but they did not do so good and I really thought that Mineral makeup was just not for me.

Sheer Cover Studio has developed a new technology that takes mineral makeup to a new level. The match is very good and thats a huge deal for me as I do not want a bad skin tone match, I loved the concealer and how well it blended and completely covers the imperfections on my face.

I have been using my at home laser to treat a dark spot on my face that I got from being out in the sun with to little protection. I normally always have the right protection but was stuck out in the sun for longer than I had hoped on that day and got a really unsightly mark that I began treating.

The problem with using the laser is that it will make the skin really red and patchy while its being used so it made the dark spot look worse . I was so happy that the concealer worked really well covering that up. Than I applied the Mineral foundation with the brush and wow it was just perfect looking.

I did a video review for Sheer Cover and I am wearing the product on my face, I will bet you wont be able to tell what area that my lazer was used on.

Other things I think it performed well in are

Not settling into small under eye lines.

Not making pores look larger

Being a very even pigment

Providing Sheer coverage and a very light feel.

Extremely easy to apply and work with.

I also have to talk about the Lash Extending Fibers that you use with the mascara, Unlike liquid white mascara base this is so different and since they are dry fibers they do not in any way burn your eyes. My huge problem with a mascara bases is that you had better not get any in your eye or it will really burn, This is exactly why I stopped using them. I love Sheer cover studio's approach to solving this problem and makinging my lashes look awesome.

I hope you have a look at the video review above it really tells you all you need to know about this company . I hope you have a look at the website as well here is a link for you

Sheer Cover Studio

Just to let you all know I was really motivated to do this review I really love these products and hope to continue using them.

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