Tuesday, July 29, 2014

eSutras Organics Golden Flax seeds Review

Welcome to my review for eSutras Golden Flax seeds. I totally love Flax Seed it is an Omega rich super food that is not only really tasty but very good for you.

These are great to sprinkle on cereal and salad to get Omegas and a very tasty flavor added to foods.I also think they greatly help minimize hot flashes due to menopause. I get a lot of hot flashes and I was taking a Flax seed oil in a pill form but I think that just using these seeds on foods is a better way and a more tasty way to get these rich Omegas.

You can use these in cooking and they are really great on cereal or in a salad or even with other foods. You may have seen some of the cereal companies doing this because everyone knows that Flax seed will add flavor to food and be very good for you.

With eSutras Flax seeds you are getting a whole lot of them and they are of very high quality. You can find more info about them and all the really wonderful products available at eSutras organics here at this link

eSutras Organics web site

eSutras Organics is a one stop shop for all things wholesome and natural, they have so many things available and its so easy to shop there and get stuff delivered right to your home. No more looking all over for a store that sells high quality product like these. I did a video review so you could see packaging and I hope you have a look at it and thanks for looking.

I received a sample in order to do my review but my opinions are my own I was truly amazed at how nice this online store is for all things good for you and your family.

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