Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sell your clothing ! better than ebay alternative

Hi Everyone I am writing this post because I wanted to be sure you know that you can get some really great HIGH end stuff in exchange for your stuff. If you have things you got as a gift or you don't like anymore you can get store credit for them at ThredUp

I can tell you from experience that they have so many nice things at ThredUp
I buy from them all the time because it IS the one way I can get lets say a Coach purse for cheep. They also have clothing and BEST of all shoes.

I am on a fixed income so if I would want a nice pair of shoes I have to buy at walmart. With ThredUp
I can get NAME brand shoes. They Literally have everything from Nike to Jimmy Choos, for a fraction of what they would cost new.

They inspect everything you buy so you Know what you are getting is in Fantastic or like new shape- Here is a picture of the purse I got using store credit, I always wanted a Coach handbag but could never dream to afford one, now its mine and Im so happy.

not only will give you money for sharing items with friends but they will buy your stuff and even send you a clean out bag with free shipping. This way you can get rid of what you dont want and get what you want.

Do you like shoes, well how about these Jimmy Choos , if you bought them new they would be 1540.00 but with ThredUp
you only pay 376.00.

But maybe your budget is tighter like mine is, how about something more reasonable like these Thom Mc An. These are 4.99 ! you cant buy a walmart pair of flip flops for that money.

Has clothing, shoes, tops, handbags, accessories for any budget. They offer fast shipping and you can earn credits really fast.

Their are several ways to get store credit to buy the stuff you want.

One send your stuff to ThredUp
by ordering a clean out bag you will get credit for everything they buy and what they do not buy will go to charity so thats a win win .

Join up and promote them through social networkings and email, earn 10.00 every time someone you refered buys something.( one time only per referral)

Its is a great way to not only clean out your unwanted items but also be able to afford the high end clothing and accessories you would buy if you had the money to . I have ordered 7 times from ThredUp
They have fast shipping and great customer service.

Well thats what I wanted to say , I only wish someone would have told me about Thredup a long time ago.... I hope you give them a try soon.

OH and remember that credit will act like cash, so if you have 10.00 credit and find a shirt for 3.99 you can apply the credit for both the price of the shirt and the 2.99 shipping for the first item and still have some left over.

its never like most places where you have to spend the 10.00 to get the 10.00 off and than have to worry about using cash for shipping. If you get confused email me Ill be happy to help you so all of us can have the high quality and name brands we deserve. :) ThredUp

here are a few more pictures of things I got from ThredUp

Thanks for Looking

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