Monday, July 14, 2014

Spellbinders Celebrations Collection! Review

I got a chance to try out a small sampling of Spellbinders Celebrations Collection and with it was able to create very quickly a lovely gift bag to show for this review.

What Spellbinders Celebrations Collection is is a web site where you can buy different things to create you own personal greetings and gifts . you get everything you need and enough things to make the project your own.

Inspired by his passion for paper crafts, event hosting and handmade greetings, Richard Garay designed the line to help paper crafters and hostesses achieve beautiful results every time.

Everything is coordinated, so this cheerful, bright and exciting collection makes creating a Celebration not only easy but also fun. You can get everything from stamps to inks to cards and gift bags ready to decorate as you like. its easy and fun to do.

If you like you make your greetings but also want them to be easy to make and not expensive than this is the place to go. each kit as what you need and extras and you do not have to buy a bunch of things to make a nice gift or card.

This is the Photo of the one I made with the kit I received from purex insiders free so I could show you how easy it is to do.

With 100s of different projects to choose from you will be sure to find the right one for any occasion. You can visit the web site and see all the many items you can get their to save you time and money in making you own personal projects here is a link for you

Spellbinders Celebrations Collection

I hope you visit and give them a try soon thanks for looking at my review :)

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