Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bonapiel anti Cellulite and body firming cream Review

Welcome to my review for Bonapiel anti Cellulite and body firming cream. You may have seen my review for the Bonapiel serum I got to try also and I have to say I love this company. Bonapiel anti Cellulite and body firming cream is rich and luxurious it contains retinol and caffeine to help with cellulite and loss of firmness on the body.

I am using it now on my stomach area and my hips, I love the scent its just so pretty you will be tempted to use it everywhere. What I like about it is it absorbs nicely into the area you are applying it, it smells fantastic and it has both retinol and Caffeine in it.

I have used other firming creams before but they usually have one or the other not usually both, this combination will help fight cellulite and loss of body firmness.

Caffeine Helps to minimize even the most persistent cellulite. Reduces water retention and fat cell clusters, while improving circulation and overall appearance of the skin. I am a true believer in using Caffeine for this purpose and many companies are getting on a caffeine band wagon with great results.

I love that this cream also has Retinol in it to help by promoting exfoliation and providing simultaneous hydration and collagen. I have been using this for only a short time but I am looking forward to seeing results in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

It smells so nice its really a pleasure to use and I put it on in the morning. Its very easy to use just apply it in a circular motion to the area being treated until its absorbed and you good to go.

I was sent a free sample to try so I could do an informed review but I really do love it. It is available at amazon through this link Bonapiel anti cellulite and body firming cream

I hope you have a look at all the things this cream can do for you by reading the info about it on amazon.

I did a video review for this product so you could see packaging and my thoughts about it thanks for looking at the video.

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