Friday, July 4, 2014

Sunergetic help Rejuvenate, protect and energize your skin from the inside Review and Giveaway

Welcome to my review for Sunergetic a new and different beauty supplement I got to try. I received a free sample so I could do this review and I have to say that this one is different. I do take several beauty supplements because I want to cover all my bases and you will find that different companies use different ingredients.

What I love about Sunergetic, it it has a nice batch of things in it that will help your skin be healthy and looking good. This beauty supplement has in it.

Vitamin C

Grape seed extract

Polypodium leucotomos

melon juice



These ingredients are different than the kind in my other beauty supplements and thats good because I did some checking and these ingredients are really good for the skin. It will help Rejuvenate, protect and energize your skin from the inside.

We all use different creams, serums and beauty tools for the outside of the skin but taking a good beauty supplement will nourish your skin from the inside and make all the hard work you do with external product work better. I always take some kind of skin supporting supplement and I really like Sunergetic for its effective and good for you ingredients.

I am able to host a giveaway for a coupon for 50% off a bottle of Sunergetic. ONE person will win and the coupon code will be sent by the sponsor. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET AN ENTRY IS COMMENT BELOW THIS POST AND TELL ME WHAT YOU DO TO KEEP YOU SKIN LOOKING GREAT.

This giveaway will end on 7/15/14 USA only entries

I did a video review for this product so you could see packaging I hope you have a look at it below. You can find Sunergetic info and how to buy at this link . Thanks for looking.


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  1. The most important thing I do is always use a moisturizer with a sunblock in it.