Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Faith of her own By Kathleen Fuller book review

Welcome to my review for the book A Faith of her own By Kathleen Fuller. I really enjoyed this book it was complicated in its story and a lot was going on that will keep you interested.

This is the story of Anna Mae she is an Amish woman who is not sure that she wanted to join the church. Her dream is to be a nurse but this goes against her family's wishes and she is very torn about what to do.

When Jeremiah returns to the community to help at the vets clinic,Anna is thrown into more turmoil because Jeremiah has left the Amish community to follow his dreams.

Can the rekindle the romance they had before Jeremiah left to become a vet and will his choices affect Anna's decision to go or stay.

Along with all this you also have the romance between to other Amish people at the community that seem at first to really dislike each other until they finally find that they have much in common and find love.

This is fantastic christian fiction and I really enjoyed reading it. I received a free copy from booklook blogger to make this review thanks for looking

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