Thursday, April 2, 2015

New dial Miracle oil hand soap review

Welcome to my review for the really nice New dial Miracle oil hand soap, I love this product I have to wash my hands a lot and its so nice to use

I actually bought this before I got this campaign from purex so I had had it for a while before getting my insiders kit.

I love the scent of this one its so fresh and pretty and very moisturizing on the hands. Dial is coming out with some really nice hand soaps.

New dial Miracle oil had soap has A really new ingredient in it its called Marula oil, this oil is clean rinsing and good for the hands. it just smells so nice and feels great when you use it as its a thicker kind of hand soap that really cleans and well as it moisturizes.

I can tell you that its easy to find at my win dixie store so that good it was actually one of the few they had in different kinds.

I hope if you are looking for a really nice hand soap that will clean well but not dry out your hand than I hope you give this one a try. You can find more info at this link Dial Soap
Thanks for looking #gotitfree

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