Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Body Sport Pillow review

Welcome to my Review for the Body sport Pillow I got to try

This Pillow has a very innovative design in that it is made to support you cervical spine and upper back . It is also great for people who sleep on their side like I do.

Now most of the time when I sleep on a regular pillow I have to bunch up the corner for the side I'm sleeping on because this gives me support . with the Body Sport pillow I do not have to do this because of the unique design of the padding.

This pillow as you will see in the video review is made with a thinker padding at the sides and around the top and bottom. the center has a very thin padding so your shoulder fits inside it while you sleep.

One of the other great things I found out is it make for an awesome pillow to lay in bed and read or watch TV. it supports you neck and back making it very comfortable to relax and enjoy what you're doing without fluffing or crunching a regular pillow.

This pillow is very well made and very sturdy its got the supportive thick padding that makes sleeping on you side really comfortable. I do not sleep on my back so I can't say how nice it would be to do that but it really worth a try .

You can find this awesome pillow to buy through this link

body sport pillow

I also did a video review so you could See the pillow better than just a photo. Here is that video review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

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