Monday, January 23, 2012

After the Snow Falls By Carey Jane Clark Review

I just finished reading after the Snow Falls By Carey Jane Clark and thought it was an exceptional book. I did need a lot of tissues though because its often very sad but it can also be very uplifting. In this story we meet Celia Bennet, A typical soccer mom who is busy being the best mom she can be. Ceila has no use for her father who abandoned her when she was little and is rather upset that he is back in her moms life. Celia's life is turned upside down when her son is diagnosed with cancer after a soccer game where he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

The diagnosis makes Celia concerned about conventional medicine and she tries to pursue an alternative medical clinic in Mexico, but her hopes are dashed so she heads back to the USA in defeat. Throughout her sons illness, she tries to be strong and help him face the different treatments and problems that develop. Celia has no faith in God believing he has let her down. She is very surprised when her son develops a strong faith starts to read the Bible and all about the healing miracles of Jesus. I do not want to give away any more of the story because It a journey you would like to read for yourself.

After the Snow Falls has many levels . Their are the problems with Celia's estranged father who has promised he has changed . The tremendous faith of a small boy who is sure Jesus will heal him and desperation of mother who needs the Lord in her life so she is finely able to forgive the unforgivable.

After the Snow Falls shows us that forgiveness is a choice and that faith can move mountains, that the faith of a child is the strongest of all and that Gods Strength is made perfect in weakness. I would recomend this books to anyone, especially one who has went through a serious illness or knows someone who is going through it . Thanks for reading my review

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