Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Memories scrapbooking software Review and giveaway

I was able to try this really easy to use software through A My Memories blog campaign and was so happy I was picked to do a review and giveaway for it.

suite is digital scrap-booking software that is easily downloaded to your computer so you can create really wonderful Scrapbooks, Photo books, albums and all kinds of really beautiful things.

What I found out while using this software, is that its really just so easy to use and in a few minutes I had created a very nice short photo book to share with friends and family.

Here are some of the things you can do with this software and Ill be showing you some pictures of what I did with it.

The first thing it will ask you is do you want to create a project from a template or do your own. I chose template so I could get an Idea of what kinds were available to me.

I was very Impressed with the amount of different templates, backgrounds,colors and designs that were available in the software. Their are all kinds of different frames to put your photos in and what I love about it is you can put several pictures on a page and its all done for you, no cropping and sizing unless you want to.

All you do, is select a photo from your computer and its dropped on the work station page, you than click it and drop it into the photo box frame you want it to be in and its instantly there! I chose regular squares and rectangles but you can do hearts, and scalloped edged boxes as well with shading.

You also have the choice of many shapes to attach to the photo. For instance I could have put a flower on the picture of my deer so it would look like it was wearing a pretty flower on its neck.

you can have different frames, background colors, themes ,and even insert flower boxes, shapes and other things along with text for Journal or captioning. Everything is available to you in the program and you can always find other designes and things on the My Memories wesite. Since pictures say a thousand words here is one page I made for my dog Asia in a picture journal template. you will notice you can add many pictures and captions all on one page that than saves as a Jpeg or other file so when you upload it its one picture with many pictures in it . I know the upload had to me smaller than the actual photo page but you get the Idea

I think this is just so cool because, I have several pictures of Asia on the Jpeg with the caption included. This would make it so easy for my gather friends to put together a album for lets say flowers and nature. Instead of uploading one picture at a time you have all the roses on one page all the wild flowers on another page etc.

you can than decide if you want to upload it to the web, on your social networking or maybe print out a photo book hard copy. On The MyMemories
website you can have your photo book professionally done in a binding and than have it mailed to you at a very reasonable cost, or just print it yourself. Crafters can make all kinds of things with this software and its even very good for creating blog art and banners.

there is no limit to how much you can do with this awesome software and I am having so much fun with it. here is another page from my photo book I did for the wild life in my area of Florida.

Now I know all of you have tons of photos you could use to create something beautiful and I am able to give away to one person the same software I got in a blog giveaway. But before I do that please also keep in mind that on the Mymemories site there are many extra free templates and designs to download and also many other reasonably priced designer templates to download as well. This makes it possible to never be without a cool design for a special project.

I created the above pages in about 15 mins so its A supper easy and efficient program.

Another fantastic thing is I am able to give you a great coupon for 10.00 off your purchase of the MyMemories software which is normally 39.00 so please use This code to get 10.00 off your order the code is STMMMS92330. type this code in the promo box at checkout. This is so worth the price even without the discount and I know you will be able to create so many wonderful projects for many years to come.

The bottom line is this is an awesome scrap booking tool that also doubles as a photo manipulator and a really great way to organize all your photos and scans.

Now for the Giveaway Please comment each time you do one of the tasks to get an entry to win. Please leave me your email so I know who to contact with the info on how to download your winning software. One prize will be given out and I will pick a winner on Febuary 20th 2012. Here are the ways you can enter the giveaway

Go over to the MyMemories
site and tell me which of the designer templates your really liked.

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Thank you so much for looking at my review and for entering into the giveaway . I think this is the nicest giveaway and promo I have gotten in a long time. Please don't wait for the giveaway to end why not get started today by using my code to get that 10.00 off the full package and start creating your master piece today with MyMemories
scrapbooking software. I was provided with a free copy of this awesome software but my opinions are my own


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