Monday, January 30, 2012

book review By Love Redeemed (The Chastelayne Trilogy)

There are so many thing to love about this trilogy and one of them is that the story continues with other members of the Chastelayne Family .

In this story we get to learn more about Tom. Tom was Married to Elizabeth but they have been separated from each other since. The problems with the realm and war has kept Tom away from his wife and he so longs to be with her . Elizabeth on the other had considers Tom a virtual stranger and has no real love for him just a bitterness because of the separation.

Elizabeth is easily turn to a friend who will cause Tom and her a lot of pain and suffering.

This book is about forgiveness and the healing power of love and devotion. Tom is so steadfast and faithful in his devotion to Christ that he is able to forgive and still love truly.

This book is filled with emotion and heartache and woven through it is the message that forgiveness and Love are always the best choice no matter the circumstances. Tom is the loving hero in this story and its his devotion to the Lord and his love for his wife that makes if possible for his to forgive what others could not especially in this time period.

It also show that with this faithful love and devotion Elizabeth will come to realize the transforming power of Christ , his forgiveness and grace. This is a story of second chances in the face of betrayal in a time when such things were not tolerated well. I loved, Loved, this story its as good as the first book in this trilogy and a must read for Christians and non Christians alike and Medieval romance at its finest!

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