Friday, January 13, 2012

Children's Claritin allergy relief for the Kiddos

I was able to try Children's claritin recently for my 4 grand kids who have problems with seasonal allergies especially in the spring and the fall. I think this is a superior product for treating allergies in small kids because its does not make the feel tired or sleepy.

The problem with a lot of allergy medications are the sleepy side effects. What good is it to treat an allergy so kids can go out in the day and play if they are to sleepy to concentrate or have any kind of desire to run around in the outdoors. Children's Claritin will take care of the sneezing and watery eyes and other nasty symptoms of seasonal allergies,so kids can get back to the business of being kids.

These easy to take melt in your mouth tablets are awesome tasting and provide your child with the relief they need to get on with there day yet still concentrate on what they are doing. No matter if its a play day out doors or a school test you can be confident that just the symptoms of the allergies will be taken care of not your child ability to be active and focused.

I have learned so much since joining the Children's Claritin Mom Crew and was able to pass all that awesome information to my Daughters. The great thing about being a Grandmother is our daughter's and sons who are newer parents depend on us to answer questions about caring for there little ones. What grandparent has not received that frantic call for what to do about one thing or another regarding the Grandkids.

As a Grandmother its my responsibility and joy to be an active voice in the Kiddos care. I am the one who has the time to do the research and make the comparisons between brands and products. From my own experience with Children's allergies I know what problems use to come with all that.

Back when my son was little we did not have innovative products like Claritin at our disposal and had to make due with much cruder treatments that came with a ton of unpleasant side effects. I am so happy that claritin makes the choice now a days easy and hassle free.

With all that many different allergy medications available for over the counter use these days, you can become overwhelmed as to which is the better product. The very same stuff I use to use when my son was small is still available, and because of the name its what some moms might go for,but its not the better product. Claritin may be a bit more expensive than the older brands but it will provide your child with strong symptom relief and keep them active and able to concentrate. As with all medications, you need to talk to your pediatrician before giving it to the Kiddos. make sure your doctor knows what you want to accomplish with the claritin to be sure its right for you. I think Claritin is an awesome and safe choice for happy and active kids who love the great outdoors. Thanks for looking at my review . you can find more info here Claritin Info here

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