Monday, January 23, 2012

Whats in a name how my dog got her Name

My Dog Asia is my own little baby and we love her so much. A lot of people ask me why we choose to name her Asia. After all, Asia is a place, why name out Dog after a place.

First let me tell you a bit about Asia. One day we were at the huge flea market buying produce and looking around and we see this cage filled with puppies. The person was selling their litter of Puppies that were Golden Chows. Golden Chows are A mix between a Golden retriever and a Chow Chow. This is not a recognized AKC bread but the puppies are just so adorable, like fuzzy balls of fluff. Asia looked at us with those expressive eyes and we just had to buy her for our own.

After doing some research on Chows and learning that they were protectors of the royal family in China we decided to call her Asia because even as a puppy she had the spunk and temperament to be an awesome protector. We also decided to call her Asia because she has these expressive beautiful eyes and she made me think of an Asian princess. She caries herself like royalty and is diligent in her role as out protector.

Asia takes after her Chow Chow bloodline way more that the retriever side she is loving yet protective, she guards my husband like he is the most important treasure on earth.

Asia is such a loving dog and is a constant companion and joy to my Husband who has been battling a lingering illness this year.

That's how my Dog Asia got her name, Asia is now 6 years old and continues to be our pride and Joy. She is expressive in her love for us and is still spunky and full of fun. She does such funny things and is so smart it continues to amaze us Thanks for reading how my dog got her name

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  1. Asia is a wonderful name for a dog. Her name suits her, since she came from breed that is best for royalties in Asia. She just looks so adorable.