Monday, June 18, 2012

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Review and giveaway

Hi Everyone I was able to try Dry Idea Advanced antiperspirant/Deodorant roll on recently through Purex Insiders and I really like the one I got to try.

The is a great antiperspirant/Deodorant and it is Hypo allergenic and lasts a long time to keep you dry and fresh. The one is 24 hour protection and you do not have to worry about any problems or reactions from it. As an unsented product its nice because it will not clash with your perfume.

Dry Idea Advanced Dry comes in a few different kinds , I got to try the roll on but you can also choose from gel and solid. The solid Is a clinical with 48 hours of protection agents wetness and odor and comes in unscented and powder fresh. The Gel is 24 hour protection and also comes in unscented and powder fresh. All of these are Hypo-Allergenic.

As a woman going through Menopause I really like that Dry Idea was able to keep me dry even with my hot flashes. It goes on nicely and is easy to use. I also really like how long it provided protection. I did a video review for this great product so you could see what it looks like,so please have a look at that review below.

I am also able to hold a giveaway for a free coupon so please check the raffle copter and you may be a winner and Ill send you the coupon for it. The coupon is good for one free of your choice up to 5.50 I have 2 to giveaway so their will be 2 winners each will get a coupon.

Also Dry Idea is hosting a Sweepstakes with $1000 in Prizes, Here is the link to enter into that really fantastic giveaway. Dry Idea Sweepstakes link

dont forget to check all the info about Dry Idea Advanced at this link Dry Idea website info

Here is the video review I did for this product

And now for the giveaway please enter here

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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