Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Smartdogs comfort slippers by Grandoe review

I am so excited to tell you all about these wonderful Smartdogs summer slippers I got to try by Grandoe. I am so in love with these because they really make my feet feel wonderful and energized. The differences between Smartdogs slippers (flip flops)and your run of the mill slippers are that these are made to provide superior comfort. I loved these so much I did a video review for them so you can see the many features these have to offer.

Smartdogs Comfort Slippers by Grandoe introduces the Synergy line of antibacterial slippers for Summer 2012. Synergy comfort footwear is inspired by a holistic approach to living. The unique footwear combines flexibility and support while utilize the chakra channels for energy that flows within the body. These are sooo comfortable and I love that they keep my feet dry even in the hottest Florida weather.

The mesh allows the feet to breath and also provides an anti-bacterial barrier that conventional footwear of this kid does not.

These awesome Slippers are colorful and stylish with neo mesh to keep feet cool and comfortable while the antibacterial properties keep them clean. The exclusive patented four zone honeycomb foot bed is designed to absorb shock as you walk. The gel padded heel gives you extra comfort indoor or out. The Uplift Thong comes in four colors with coordinating chakras such as strength red, love pink, compassion green and creativity blue.

As anyone knows their are a lot of different kinds of slippers available to buy, but not all will be as kind to your feet as Smartdogs will.

I really hope you have a look at my video review for these, I did it so you can see what I mean about difference in construction, and how much care is put into making these really good for you casual slippers. Here is my video review I hope I answered your questions, if you have any others please drop me a comment.

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As you can see I was provided a sample but my opinions are my own and I do not take the time to do video reviews for products not video worthy :)

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