Monday, June 18, 2012

Pillsbury Baguette chips review and giveaway

I was so lucky to be able to try the New Pillsbury Baguette chips recently and am so happy I can hold a giveaway for someone to be able to win the same set I got.

What I loved about the new Pillsbury Baguette chips was they are full of awesome flavor and also are very versatile. I really liked the Cheddar and sun dried tomato in tomato soup instead of crackers. This adds a really nice zing to plain tomato soup or even the nicer soups you can buy now to give it a more gourmet flavor.

I did a video review for these so you can see what they look like both inside the bag and the chip itself, so please have a look at the video review. These are fantastic with dips of any kind and are 50% less fat so you can snack on them more than regular chips and still get a lot of flavor and satisfaction in your snacking

Pillsbury is offering a 75 cents off coupon you can print so you can give them a try. Also one person will win the same set I got but entering into the raffle copter below.

I so hope you give these a try they are sure to become one of your all time favorite ways to snack . 21 chips is only 130 calories and they are really Tasty. here is a link to get the printable coupon now Pillsbury coupon from my blogspark

You can learn more about these chips and Pillsbury in general at this link Pillsbury Baguette chips website info
Here is the video review I did for them

and now for the raffle copter one person will win 6 bags of The New Pillsbury Baguette Chips just like I got to try . please enter below

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    thanks for the giveaway