Friday, June 1, 2012

Vaccines for Adults: What You Should Know

I have joined the Adult Immunization movement so help spread the word about just how important it is for adults to get Immunized as well as children. As an adult especilly if you are 50 and over, because as we get older our ability to fight disease like pertussis is decreased.

Its also very important to get flu shots and other vaccines to keep you healthy while you age.

WebMd and Pfizer have teamed up to spread this very important message. They have a very informative video on the WebMd site that will answer all your question on this topic.

If you have are immune system compromised like my husband is, because of a thyroid condition, I can't stress enough the importance of getting the proper vaccines to help you maintain your health.

Also if you have a lung problem such as COPD or other illnesses you need these vaccines to keep from getting things like pertussis which can really be a problem as we get older.

The Adult Immunization movement, is commented to getting people the proper vaccines they need to have a healthy lifestyle. The information on the WebMd site is invaluable to helping you learn what you need to do. With that being said I hope you all will go over to the WebMd site and view the video and read the information you can find it here. WebMd adult vaccination content center
I incourage you to have a look at this information so that you can be informed about the vaccines you may need to stay healthy and be well. Thanks for looking

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