Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vaseline Total Moisture review

I recently got the chance to become re-acquainted with Vaseline and the new and improved total moisture they have out now.

I have to say I think this product can really stand up to the higher end products I am use to using. I do like a lot of more expensive lotions because I always beleived they worked better, but, now that I really got to try Vaseline Total Moisture, I think I will be using is a lot more.

This product made my skin really soft very quickly and it smelled better than some BBW I have been using. I am picky about scent and I was blown away by how fresh it smelled , I really love it! So bottom line is for price, moisturizing ability and scent Vaseline Total Moisture is at the top of my list. thanks for reading my review.

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