Monday, June 18, 2012

Michal by Jill Eileen Smith the wives of king David novels

I really loved reading Michal By Jill Eileen Smith. I saw a lot of myself in this historical woman and her Maid reminded me of my mom always their to help me.

I actually have now put her on my must read authors list. Jill has the ability to make the reader really feel the story. She also has a way of making bible stories come to life while keeping true to the biblical account.

I think her books are a must read for not only the Christian fiction lover, but for anyone who wants to read a really interesting historical story.

What I loved about Michal was that Jill really brought her to life for me so I could see her hopes ,dreams and short comings. I liked the way Jill told this story without changing the biblical account but rather adding personality and experiences to each character to give them life and make them feel more real to me.

As a result I really want to read all of her stories and I do have a few I got off amazon. If you love a good historical story from biblical times you will love Michal and all the other books in the series the wives of king David.

sometimes amazon offers these books free For kindle. I received 3 of Jill's books free in the passed year so look out for them if you have a kindle. I am always face booking books I find free for Kindle on amazon so if you follow me you will see these as I find them. A member of @NescafeUSA Tasters

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  1. I read this one too and loved it!