Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zevia All Natural sodas Review

I was able to try Zevia all natural soda's recently and I wanted to do a blog post and video review about them because they are really just sooo good.

Zevia natural Soda's, are just that all natural and they use the sweeter Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener that's been used as a sugar substitute for a while now and has been found to be much better for you and your children than artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

My friends and family and I have tried some of the many different flavors that Zevia comes in and found them to be very satisfying and tasty. I love the natural flavor of the grape and black cherry and really love that it has a very low sodium content.

One of the things we all try and avoid for our children and family is to much sugar, but sodium is also a very harmful substance when getting to much of it and soda's are notoriously high is sodium. Zevia is a very good tasting soda that contains no calories no fat are gluten free and are totally free of the bad things that most of us worry about when choosing a soda for our Kids and grand kids.

I don't know about you but if my grandchildren get to much sugar they become more crabby and hyper. Using Zevia in place of conventional soda's can not only illuminate the extra sugar the kids will love them because they do not have that nasty artificial sweetener after taste that's so prevalent in regular soft drinks.

My family and friends were totally impressed by Zevia for quality,taste. They all think it is very innovative and a great choice for a healthy alternative to regular soda's.

The bottom line is Zevia can help you by providing a superior tasting soda that's free from all the bad stuff we need to be concerned with as Grandmothers and Moms. I hope you get a chance to have a look at my video review included in the review. Zevia is available at a lot of different health food stores, I also hear that Super Target may soon have it available which is really good news because it will be a lot easier to find. I do not live near a lot of these smaller health food stores so it will really be nice to see Zevia at bigger stores that are easy to get to for me. I sure hope you check out the Zevia website where you can see all the in depth info about it and how its made and all the great reasons to choose Zevia over conventional soda's. Thanks for looking at my review. You can lean more about Zevia here

I was able to try a number of flavors with my family and friends that were provided by Moms meet ambassadors program and Zevia but my opinions are my own I really love this awesome soda.

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