Friday, July 6, 2012

Declaring my Personal Taste a tasters choice activity

I am a member of the Tasters Choice tasters community and they asked me to post about declaring my personal taste not only when it comes to coffee but also about other things I do and like

My favorite Tasters Choice is the original house blend, I like it with a ton of cream and sugar. sometimes Ill add some coffee syrup to it for a really nice treat.I love that its very convenient and easy to make so if I just want that one cup of coffee I am not wasting a whole pot of reg drip coffee.

some of the other stuff I like to do is of course , blogging and taking photos. I also love to make video reviews because I think they are more easy for people how have trouble reading a review on the computer screen as I have sometimes.

I love to read and do book reviews. I am a homemaker so I do the housekeeping and take of my husband who have been sick for 6 years.

for fun Ill play some computer games like the kind I get from bigfish . these are mostly investigative hidden object games and are a lot of fun. I like these because you can get out of them quickly and check you email. thanks for reading A member of @NescafeUSA Tasters”

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