Monday, July 16, 2012

Marika Tek dry wic T shirts and yoga ware

I am so happy I got to try a Marika Tek T-shirt recently and I want to be sure I tell you all about them. I hope you get a chance to see the video review I did for it. In that video I am wearing the T-Shirt I received as a sample to do this review.

As most of you know I am trying to get back in shape because I have gained a whole lot of weight because of menopause. I also suffer from hot flashes a lot which are extremely annoying and cause me to perspire a lot.

This is exactly my point about why Marika Tek T-shirts are so helpful in keeping you dry throughout your work out or yoga routine. I even found out that if I sleep in the Marika Tek T-shirt, Ill be much more comfortable than a conventional T-shirt.

So whats different about Marika Tek T-shirt's? well that would be the EXCLUSIVE breathable, super soft, high tech wicking fabric and finish with Dry-Wik for the ultimate in cool dry comfort. The Dry-Wik technology wicks away moisture,so you will stay dry and comfortable even through hot flashes Like I get.

I also really loved the color and softness of the T-Shirt it was just so soft and very comfortable, It fit well and looked attractive yet was so hard working and did the job is was designed to do very well. I loved my Marika Tek T-shirt so much I want a whole bunch of them for working out or just being in the hot Florida sun. I also would like a few extra to sleep in because that's one of the many times I really need a wicking T . I have tried many a wicking T but this one performed better than others I have tried that clam the same thing.

I am able to offer you a code for 20% off all Marika until the end of September using code TEX20 and by shopping at this link Marika Tek
Here is the video review I did for this totally awesome wicking T-shirt my Marika Tek Thanks for looking at my review.


  1. Nice review! I will check out this brand. Looks comfortable.

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