Friday, July 20, 2012

The beauty box boom

Lately I have been seeing a whole lot of companies come out with beauty sampling boxes,so I thought it would make for an interesting blog post. I did some research and found some that really look nice so I'm going to put up some photos and links and ask you some questions.

first have you ever bought or signed up for a beauty box. if you got beauty boxes in the past which one is your favorite.

I have tried the New beauty test tube a few times but the higher price tag had me canceling it when our finances because a problem. I really liked it but could not justify spending 29.99 on the tube and the giant shipping charge. I have since seen a few others more reasonable in price.

The first box I think is cool is the Beauty Bar sample Society This one is only 15.00 a month and includes the shipping -the kit will contain 5 beauty products a 15.00 gift card to spend on a 50.00 order and a 12 months sub to allure as well as beauty advice.

Sample Society box

This next one is also nice from Total Beauty. This one is also 15.00 per month but you dont have to subscribe shipping is included and you pay for a box at a time.

Total beauty box

I found a lot of beauty boxes not available in the U.S that looked interesting but I'm only going to list those available in the U.S for right are a few I found.

Burch box this one has a waiting list and you have to put in your email to be notified when you can buy the woman's or mens box depending on which one you want. you get to make a profile so the boxes are sent with the stuff you use and it only 10.00 a month free shipping with subscription.

Birch Box

Luxbox from loose button-this one requires you to sign up to even get in the door ,you will be given an invite and than get the box by subscription with 7-8 beauty and life style samples of higher end products sent every 3 months kinda like the new beauty test tube it does have free shipping and as far as I can tell the boxes run 24.00 if you pay for the year.

Loose button

Beauty box 5 seems to be really popular and I can see why its a monthly sun for 12.00 a month with 4-5 high end samples. shipping is free and you can save more by paying in advance for the year which I think saves you 44 dollars per year.

beauty box 5

Beauty army box-choose up to 6 products to try monthly for 12.00 free shipping and create a profile. This is a sub and you can save a bit by paying for the year.

Beauty army

This last one is the New Beauty test tube I have tried this one and it does come with some nice really high end samples but its 29.00 a tube and 10.00 shipping which make it the least affordable for me occurring every 3 months.

Though I had not problems in the short time I was getting them I have heard of it being hard to cancel and charges appearing with no box delivered but those may be isolated incidences. it is a nice box and comes with the magazine and a gift card for spalook to buy the one you want in full size. Mine came with a 25.00 off 50 Im not sure what the value is now as My sub was in 2010.

New Beauty Test tube

So thats what I found out but I will continue to look at these as they become available. Thank for looking at this post I hope you find something you like. You can also get boxes in things that are not as much beauty related like in the new craveboxes and others.

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