Sunday, July 29, 2012

Excelerol Supplement for Memory Focus and Energy Review

Recently I was selected to try Excelerol
And was given a 90 day supply. It did not take me very long to see just how quickly, Excelerol
works. I found in the very first day I had much more energy and focus, the ability to concentrate on my work and alertness. This product works fast and it really has some powerful ingredients in a liquid suspension capsule.

As most of you know that because I'm 52 and going through menopause its sometimes really hard for me to have the focus and energy I need to do my work. I was so happy I was selected to try Excelerol. I found that It performed so very well that I can't imagine how I was able to do anything well without it.

Than being said before you buy it for yourself I encourage you to talk it over with your doctor to make sure its ok for you to take ,I generally say this about any supplement because its just good practice.

Im sure once you have had a chance to try it you will see the huge difference this makes in your ability to do just about anything you need to do in the day. I even found out that I was able to focus on my computer games and work out the puzzles sooo much quicker than I normally would and this made them a lot more fun than usual. Though the box says it will lasts for 6 hours I found ,that for me it lasted much longer than that, and my attention and focus was still good later into the evening which is really good for me because I have been known to work until 10pm.

The only side effects I got were in the first few days and I did have some trouble sleeping and got a slight headache but nothing I could not deal with.

I may end up using this on days I really need that extra boost rather than everyday. I really like it for all the benefits I get from it but on the weekends I may not need that much energy :)

Has these many ingredients in it to help you get up and get going.

Green Tea and white Tea

Guarana & kola nut

Baccoppa Monnieri


Ginko Biloba




Acetyl L-Carnitine





B12 and Niacin

I sure hope you get a chance to see the video review I did for this so you can see what the product looks like and my thoughts about it. I also hope you visit the Excelerol
web site so you can learn more about it there. This is also available at amazon. The digital timer thats included in this 90 day supply has 4 settings so you can use it for different times of the day .I take only one pill a day so I set the timer for 9am. The timer will beep and vibrate or light up its a very handy tool to help you remember to take your pills through out the day.

you can select the timmer to go off with any of these features or just one its really cool and useful.

The bottom line is if you are having trouble with lack of energy or mental focus, or know someone who is, you really will see a great improvement in all of these problems very quickly with Excelerol
I thank you for looking at my review and video for this really hard working product That's literally filled with everything you could want in a supplement for Memory, Focus and abundant energy.

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