Monday, July 16, 2012

Omax3 Omega 3 supplement review and giveaway

I was so fortunate to be able to try Omax3 Omega 3 supplement recently in a 30 day sample from the company. I really think this is a far superior Omega 3 than I was taking because of Omax's superior purity.

All you have to do to see the difference between Omax and other fish oil soft gels is to look at them, you can see how beautifully clear they are compared to others. I also really appreciate the size of them. Sometimes depending on what I have on hand I cant swallow the larger fish oil gel caps. I end up with a panic attack and bite the pills so I don't have to swallow them. Yikes is that nasty!

With Omax 3 pills I do not have this problem they are much smaller and easy to swallow.

Omax 3 has the highest purity possible and is pharmaceutical grade omega 3s. Taking two Omax 3 soft gels is in fact the equivalent to the received benefits of eating. eight and a half egg yokes or 90 walnuts. That's a lot of food.

I take Omega 3 supplements because I know that at 52 its good for my heart, but more than that I also find that I have less problems with the inflammation in my joints less pain when I'm walking. I have some problem with foot pain I think the weight I have gained through menopause has caused my feet and ankles to rebel so I take Omega 3s to make this less of a problem.

I find that when I stop taking Omega 3s I feel very achy all over until I start up again so its really essential I have an Omega supplement on hand. The purity of Omax 3 makes this a no brainier because who wants an omega 3 that 30% or more filler.

All Omega 3s are not equal as you can see from this photo of the freezer test. This test puts both Omax 3 and another fish oil into a freezer. the other fish oil gets very cloudy indicating fat, The Omax 3 stays clear.

I did a video review for you so you can see the difference in purity of the Omax 3 compared to the fish oil I had been taking and the difference is very clear even in the video.

I also have a video for you to watch from the company and some links for go to.

As part of this review I am able to hold a giveaway so one of my readers will be able to try Omax 3 for themselves. Please follow the raffle copters instructions.

here is the video review I did for this awesome product.

Here is the you Tube video for Omax 3 showing its many benefits and info you need to make an informed derision.

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  1. My fiance is a Dr but he tries to get people off medicine by prescribing supplement regimins. I would give it to him so he can try and learn about this product. Thnx! E

  2. My hubby takes fish oil. He has a lot of heart disease in his family. I've heard it helps with brain function and who couldn't use that?