Thursday, October 4, 2012

Country Bobs sauce and cookbook review

The wonderful people at Country Bobs Sauce sent me a really nice cookbook filled with tasty Country Bob Recipes. Because they did this for me I thought I would do an extra Blog post and a short video review for the cookbook so you can see how nice it is.

Even before I got this cookbook I have been experimenting with country Bobs Sauce in my dinners, besides being awesome on steak , did you know its also really good on grilled salmon! It adds just the right Kick to fish as well as what you would normally think to use it on. Country Bobs Sauce is really great on Sweet potato fries as well, its just something about the flavor that goes really well with sweet potato.

I have actually started using it in place of ketchup all together. You know that when you choose Country Bobs you are choosing a very well made product by people who care about their customers. I you have not had a chance to try Country Bobs, I sure hope you do so and if you need an little inspiration I encourage you to get the cookbook its a really nice hard bound book just brimming with delicious ideas. anyway I hope you have a look at the review I did and thanks for looking at it :)

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