Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grace by Max Lucado book review

I was able to read Grace by Max Lucado through Book sneeze and I have to say its the best Max Lucado book I have ever read.

I think Max has really developed his writing skills to both teach us and uplift us. I had read a few of his study books about 8 years god and though I liked them they were just on in the caliber as Grace is.

I learned so much from this book as well as discover that some of the things I learned on my own are also taught in this book. Grace is the kind of book everyone interested in really learning about the subject should read. I thought each lesson was packed full of things I could apply to my life.

If you are in the market for a really good devotional teaching book maybe to read like I do in the morning before starting your day than Grace by Max Lucado is an awesome choice. I really looked forward to the time I spent reading it and its sure to be a Christian classic.

This book would be really great for a study group because after you read the chapters you have a readers guide with weekly in depth study of the scriptures that I found most helpful. This is a great book for giving as a gift or for yourself to enrich your life and help you be strong in your walk with Christ . thanks for reading my review of Grace by Max Lucado :)

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