Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unreal Candy review

I was selected to host an Unreal Candy party recently and this is my post about how it went. First I got to say I love what Unreal candy is doing, they are making candy that we all know and love better for us my unjunking it. As you can see from the above picture we were able to sample a lot of different kinds of Unreal candy at the party, because it comes in all the standard favorites. some of the flavors are. Unreal number 5 which is a chocolate caramel nougat bar- this one was a big hit at the party.

Unreal 77 peanut butter cups -very tasty

Unreal 8 chocolate peanut caramel nougat bar-very peanutty

Unreal 41 candy coated chocolates, and Unreal 54 candy coasted chocolate with peanuts

Everyone was really amazed at how wonderfully rich and tasty this candy was, most of them were expecting that it would not be as good as conventional candy and with the exception of one or two people the consensus was that it is an outstanding product.

I can tell you I love it and I do have my favorites among the different kinds. Unreal Candy makes their candy with better ingredients such as, real cane sugar, no corn syrup,no artificial preservatives, more protein and fiber and real milk. Unreal Candy's goal is to make a better choice available to parents so they are not always saying no to the kids request for candy.

personally I think they do an outstanding job and should be supported all the way. My party went well and each person got a baggy of different candy to try here is a picture of the gift baggies I gave out.

I also had a party contest for someone to win extra candy by dressing unreal for the party. I have a picture of the winner of the Dress unreal prize and here is that photo.

As you can see she really deserved to win and was a good sport. all in all I think we all have a great time and everyone was impressed with the candy . I thought I would do a video review for it so you could see my thoughts about it. I hope you have a look at the review. you can learn all about unreal candy at there website here. Unreal candy
you can find them on facebook here

Unreal facebook page

you can find them on twitter here

Get unreal twitter page

Here is my video review I hope you have time to view it thanks for looking at my review of Unreal Candy.

I was compensated for this party and for doing this post and video but my opinions are my own , I love this candy :)

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