Monday, April 8, 2013

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne book review

I was able to read Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne through book sneeze and I have to say its a great book and one I think every Christian today needs to read. This important book shows us how to stop this kind of behavior before it becomes second nature to us and I have learned so much from it.

Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne get to the heart of the matter and shows us just way its so important for us to never judge others or become prideful in the way we walk with the Lord.

Sometimes it can really sneak up on us. when we are doing what we feel is good and see members of our church or family that maybe we feel are not doing as well as we are, the accidental Pharisee in us can start showing up in how we behave and think . This book will help you to see this kind of thing before it gets out of hand.

I know I would never want to be thought of as an unforgiving Pharisee, or one of those holier that you people who end up making people feel more bad than good. I have plenty of things in my past that remind me to never be judgmental.

I was so happy this book made me realize that it can happen to anyone and we just need to be aware of it so we can avoid this kind of mentality. I hope you decide to buy this book, it has nice short chapters that make it really nice to add to a devotional time and each chapter is filled with wisdom. I sure hope you give it a try because you will not be disappointed and you will have a great book you can turn to over and over as you walk with Christ. Thanks for looking at my review

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  1. Looks good. I blogged about this at my place "Choking My Inner Pharisee" and can relate to it happening the longer we walk...I will have to check it out!