Monday, April 15, 2013

SimpleHuman sensor Makeup mirror review

I was sent a sample of this way cool makeup mirror to try and review, As you can see from the photo its unlike any other makeup mirror I have ever seen. Its a very innovative product because it has a few things that are way different. One of them is its rechargeable by plunging into regular power or you can charge it through a PC if you are on the go.

It has a really great sensor lighting system that will turn on as you get near it. It also has a button to turn it off it you do not want it turning on whenever you are near, it but are not using it. I found this feature to be really helpful because it is a sensitive sensor. If you leave it in the ON position it will turn on if you walk past it let say to use the bathroom.

I am going to use it in my dining room because that way I can leave the sensor on and its far enough away to not turn on if someone walks past it and it makes it really easy to do my makeup there.

This mirror has a 5X magnification power allowing you to see your whole face in great detail, if you put on your makeup in this mirror ,you will be sure to look great away from it.

The light around the mirror is really bright allowing you to see everything. The light is a surgical grade LED light that will provide the full spectrum so you can be sure you will look beautiful in any lighting. The light is a 600 lux and will stay constant for years so you know it will not fade or burn out.

The sensor is on the front and all you need do is get close to it, once you are finished and away from it it will turn off in seconds. The base will light up green when charged and red if it needs to be charged. It comes with a 5 year warranty!

The Mirror can be tilted to a position that's comfortable for you to put on makeup or check for new wrinkles as is my case lol . Its really the best makeup mirror I have ever seen. The 5X Magnification makes it so you can see every detail of your face and where your makeup needs to be touched up. Its especially great for doing eye brows and getting the lines straight for eye liner.

all this together makes for a beautiful modern looking makeup mirror that's not bulky or unsightly and will help you achieve the look you want every day.

I really loved using it for the first time because I could see some things On my face I had no idea were there. What I found out was, I seem to have a whole lot of those small capillaries just below the surface of my skin.

I could not see these in a regular mirror so now I know I have to treat them as they are everywhere. In my regular mirror I thought I only had a few on the left side of my face but with the Simplenuman Mirror I can see a whole bunch of them which was sort of a bummer but good info to know so I can get started doing something about them. You can find more info about this makeup mirror here

Simplehuman makeup mirror info here
Thanks for looking at my review . I was provided a sample of this awesome mirror in order to do this review but my opinions are my own . Its awesome !

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