Friday, April 5, 2013

Combat ant Killing bait traps review

I live in Florida and I have to fight bugs all the time. I am originally from Michigan where we did not have this kind of problem. Once in a while we got ants but nothing big. Now that I have lived in Florida 10 years I can see my fight with bugs need to go to a new level.

We got ants LOL and they are really small and seem to get in through the ceiling. I have had a lot of trouble with these because they bite like crazy and can really be annoying.

These ants are a real problem in Florida because we all live on sand and they love sand. sometimes you can see mounds of ant colony all over yards and running up the sides of house trying to get in .

I was so happy to be able to try these new ant killing bait strips from Combat. I may be hosting a giveaway for these once Im sure of who I contact to send the winners info to so keep a look out for it :) I also want to show you how they work so I did a how to video review for them it covers the roach killing traps and the ant traps.

I also did a video of the ants in swarm on my house outside , I than took a photo of what the area looked like 12 hours later .I hope you have a look at it.

What I love about the ant killing bait traps it that you can place the very discreetly in and around you home where ants are a problem I'm my case I get the from the roof of the house so in this area I see they can get in I can stick a trap right on the ceiling .

This is great because they seldom come down from there unless they fall and land on you and if that happens they bite. Talk about raining ants! I had a huge problem with these in my bedroom and they were just above the bed in droves. Once the ants eat the bait they will take it back home to kill all of them and I really love that idea. here are some photos of how to use them

As you can see these are really easy to use and keep away from pets and kids.Here is a short video of the ant problem I have in florida and a picture of the same area after treating with the Combat ant killing bait traps, as you can see not one ant it there :)

Please view my video review here.

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