Friday, April 5, 2013

Combat roach killing bait traps

I live in Florida and I have to fight bugs all the time. I am originally from Michigan where we did not have this kind of problem. Once in a while we got ants but nothing big. Now that I have lived in Florida 10 years I can see my fight with bugs need to go to a new level.

I am so happy that Combat has this new and innovative product for getting rid of the huge palm meadow bugs we have here which are just a really nice name for a huge bug. These bugs are way to big to fit in a conventional plastic roach hotel as some can use these are big enough to pick that up and walk away with it LOL .

Also my small dogs think a plastic roach trap is a toy which can really be a pain to get from them. I can stick these bait traps on a wall or up off the floor where the dogs cant get to them.

I cant tell you how much I hate these bugs! and Now that Combat as got a solution on how to kill them I was very excited to try it. These Combat roach killing Bait strips are totally different. These are an open strip that the bugs feed on and take back to the colony and kill them all. Whats also great is they can be placed discreetly and will stay put on the back wall of a cupboard or away where pets cant get to them Please have a look at my video and Ill show you how to use them and why these are so fantastic.

Here are some picture of how these work also

That's just a fantastic idea and Im sure all these bugs will be all killed. I may be able to host a giveaway for this product but I have to be sure first who to send my winners info to and that may take a few days Purex and Combat provided me with my sample and Im so happy with it.:)

please have a look at my how to video review here.

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