Friday, June 7, 2013

Clinique's NEW CC cream Review

I was sent a sample of the new Clinique CC cream through Vogue Influencer network for free to review and Wow do I even love it as I explain in the video review I did. Vogue also had some things for me to put on this post so I hope you have a look at them.

First quickly I'm going to tell you what I love about this new CC cream from Clinique

It drys fast and is never shinny or oily looking

There are none of those weird color adjusting pigments in it that go on white and than are suppose to adjust to your skin tone. It been my experience these do not work and just look orangy.

This has a fabulous SPF 30 for protection

It covers well but is light and not heavy

It stays on all day and you can say that about some BB cream or CC creams as I have tried quite a few.

It comes in a vast amount of skin tones so you can find the right one for you

Its made by Clinique.. need I say more :)

Here is the video review I did for it you have to see it so I can show you how nice it looks on.

This is the shade I got to try its prefect

I sure hope the next time your out looking for an awesome CC cream you give this one a try Thanks for looking at my review

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  1. I love Clinique and this sounds like a wonderful product! I need to try it soon :)