Monday, June 24, 2013

Coppertone Sunscreens Stay Safe This Summer Review

I cant stress enough how important it is for you and your children to have adequate sunscreen on this summer. Children are always out in the sun through out summer and its important to be sure they are protected.

Even small babies need protection and Coppertone has you covered Literally with the many different sunscreens they make for adults, Children and even baby's.

I am a member of Coppertone water Moms even though I am a grandmother they said I could do this review for them and give out the samples to my grand Kids and other kids I know. My sister has a pool and her kinds are always in it so I was sure to give her some to try for herself and her kids.

I also need sunscreen, I live in Florida and boy has it been hotter than usual here, the sun just bakes so I never leave the house without a sunscreen on. What I really love about these Coppertone products are is the higher SPF in them and that they are water proof to 80 mins and the Coppertone sport is even sweat proof. This is really fantastic because you can be confident that your kids will be protected while playing or even swimming.

I really like the Coppertone Ultra Guard I got to try, its got a SPF of 50 and I can wear it over my day cream and it does not pill. This is awesome because my day cream does not have an SPF in it and most other sun screens I have tried just make my face turn into a pilly mess. I can put the Coppertone Ultra Guard over it and it stays in place nicely.

Coppertone even make these portable turn up sticks you can keep in your purse so you can be always ready in any situation. You can see what they look like in the video review or above photo.

When I was Younger, I loved to tan, I loved the look of a nice tan but did not realize the damage it would do to my skin as I got older. I am 53 now and so regret tanning. It has taken me years to un-do the damage I got from tanning. I do not go anywhere with out a sunscreen! I hope you consider using Coppertone sunscreens they have so many to choose from and with the take along compact sticks they make is easy to always have some on hand.

So this summer stay safe and keep your kids and grand kids safe by making sure they are covered in a sunscreen. I hope you all have a fantastic and safe summer. I hope you get a chance to have a look at my video review because I have a lot to say about these awesome Coppertone sunscreens! I also want to thank Coppertone Water Moms for sending me all the products to try ( even though I'm a grandmother)and give to my family and friends so they will have a safe summer.

Here is my Video review

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