Friday, June 21, 2013

Suddenly Salad a quick way to make a tasty dish for the 4th

I have been using Suddenly Salad kits for years, they have lots of variety and taste great. My Blog Spark wanted me to remind you all that if you are going to have a get together the 4th of July you can really save some time by making a Suddenly Salad dish.

The really nice thing about Suddenly Salad, is they are customizable and they have a ton of good recipes on there website so you can make a unique salad for your party or BBQ this 4th.

I love Suddenly Salad because its really easy to fix and you can get a whole lot of salad for little money, you can also add some stuff to it to make it very unique. I was sent some info through a my blog spark email and they have a new recipe that is called The red white and blueberry pasta salad, so I thought I would pass that info to you.

I think Im going to try this one it looks great. I don't have any Suddenly Salad mix on hand right now so I cant show you my own photos, but I can tell you I have been using Suddenly Salad, since it came out and I do really like it. its easy and always comes out nice so I hope you give it a try. Thank for looking.

Here is a link to the Red White and blueberry pasta salad recipe

The information has been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

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