Friday, June 7, 2013

scünci no slip grip clips review and giveaway

I was able to try for free several of these awesome new scünci no slip grip clips recently and I cant tell you how much I love them. My hair is thinning and I find that some clips just do not want to stay in my hair for the whole day. They tend to slip and slide and generally are a pain to keep in place.

Scünci has now solved this problem by adding a really innovative no-slip gripper to the inside of the clips. I hope you have a look at the video review because I can show you what I am talking about. OH and by the way I pronounce the product wrong because that's what we always called them but here is how its supposed to sound skun-see. I know my bad I just never heard it called that .

I really love they way these new Scünci clips hold my hair all day and night, in the place I want it, they are really secure so your not always removing the clip to put you hair back into it so its a real time saver.

These come in all kinds of different kinds of clips and I will show you the kind I got to try. If you are sick of always having your hair clips loose there grips than you have to try these, they hold all day no extra rubber bands or hair pins needed.

Because is so hot in Florida I hate going out in the sun with my hair down so I'm always putting it in a pony tail because than I know it will stay up. I sometimes would cover the band with a clip for fashions sake but with these new Scünci no slip grips I can just use the clip and it stays in place.

Really these are so good you can sleep in them! At night I pile my hair on top of my head to keep if off my neck during hotter day when the air conditioner cant keep up. I use the really small clips shown in the video review one for each side of my hair and clip it to the top of my head. These will stay in place all night and are in the same place in the morning holding my hair up off my neck which helps me sleep.

The No slip grip clips come in these styles

including cute butterfly designs, and beautiful sparkly, shiny finishes. Available at drug and mass retailers for an average retail price of $2.99 - $4.99.

No-Slip Grip Jaw Clip with Galaxy finish

No-Slip Grip Circle Jaw Clip

No-Slip Grip Textured Metal Jaw Clip

No-Slip Grip Triangle Jaw Clip

No-Slip Grip Infiniti Barrette

You really have to try them, so I'm giving you a chance to win one. Scünci has offered me a giveaway where one person would win one of the new clips. They will send the winner a random one to try so I hope you enter. Please have a look at the video you really have to see these in action thanks for looking and entering. You can find all Scünci product info on the website here Scunci

PLEASE see the video here

Please enter to win here give away ends 6/29/13 good luck a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I like that they will not slip out of your hair or snag your hair

  2. I like how you showed some of the pieces in your hair

  3. I like how you mentioned some are sparkly I love sparkly hair stuff (:

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  5. If they stay in all night long the clips your talking about I'm going to have to deff. try them. I love how your hair looks very cute Lori

  6. They stay in well--like all night long! Lori, I just came upon your blog--I remember you from years ago on Gather :-). I can't remember my gather name, but I posted often about CVS :-).

  7. Great job on the video. My hair is thin, too, so I never wear these--but these sound like they will work.