Monday, June 3, 2013

Tropical Trends brimmed Sunhat from Dorfman Pacific review

I was so Excited to be able try A Tropical Trends brimmed Sunhat from Dorfman Pacific recently. I have a few hats because as you all know I love the sun but really hate the damage. I have to wear hats because the Florida sun seem particularly hateful to my very fair skin.

There is, a really huge difference in just a regular sun hat and this awesome Tropical Trends brimmed Sunhat from Dorfman Pacific. First its very stylish and looks so pretty on but even better, is that they have made it sun safe because it carries a UPF of 50. This hat also covers really well, it has a wide brim that is a bit floppy and will cover your face well in the sun. I need a Hat like this with its floppy style because if the sun even touches my cheeks my Rosacea will act up big time. As you will see in the video review, This hat covers really well.

I cant stress how important it is for you to wear not only a hat but also SPF on your face while outdoors. All the skin care in the world will not help you if you allow sun damage to continue to beat down on you skin.

I really love this hat because it gives me that extra mile protection of the UPF 50 as well and a wide brim to really cover. Its also a very pretty hat that comes in different colors and styles. Also this hat is fully crushable so you can fold it up and put in in a beach bag, its light weight and feels great on.

with so many styles to choose from including Solids, stripes and patterns in simple or high fashion .Buckles, bows, ties and shells are just a few examples of the unique detailing included in the mix. Visors, fedoras, floppies, safari looks, caps, bucket shapes, boonies and large sun brims (up to 10 inches!) are all so appealing that most women will want several. Hats are featured in many wonderful materials, too. Cotton, raffia, toyo, sewn ribbon, and paper braid are just a few of many options.

You are sure to find your favorite hat to not only make feel stylish but also safe and protected this summer. I Love my Hat, and wear it all the time. I spend a whole lot of time and money to keep my facial skin looking nice. It took me years to get my face in shape after years of tanning .I know tanning is fun but the damage you do is so hard to un-do. I hope you all consider having a look at these awesome hats at the provided link below.

Aside for just skin damage you also have to beware of skin cancer and other damage so wear a hat!

I know you can find a beautiful Tropical Trends brimmed Sunhat from Dorfman Pacific that you like, you will get the benefits of the UPF as well as great coverage . Thanks for looking at my review you can find these hats and many other, sunhats here
and please have a look at my video review for the hat I got to try free to do this review.


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