Monday, May 5, 2014

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Old El Paso and Publix!

Welcome to my review for some of the new Products available at Publix and other grocery stores from Old El Paso just in time for Cinco de Mayo. These Old El Paso kits and things will really save you time in making authentic Mexican favorites in a snap'

What I thought I would do on this campaign that I got through Platefull co op is show you step by step how to use these really cool new items . I am doing the stand and stuff dinner kit I received free in order to do this review. Here are a few photos of the kinds I got to try .

OK first things first , you unpack the stand and stuff shell and heat it in the microwave per instructions on the box. It than looks like this.

Now you add The Ground beef and seasoning mix you made in the skillet. The kit comes with the stand and stuff, seasoning mix for ground beef and taco sauce. NEXT photo

Than I like to add my cheese because it melts on top of the beef like this

After this you can experiment with different toppings here are a few pictures of how I built my Stand and stuff.

The other items I use in this were sour cream, Guacamole, bagged spring mix salad shredded cheese (this is buy one get one at Publix in the Mexican blend)

As you can see it makes for a really tasty dinner. Publix has lots of Items on sale for Cinco here are a few ads I snapped from my Publix sale paper for this week.

As you can see Publix has a lot of great deals for all your holiday needs. I was able to do this post through Platefull co op and General Mills. I was provided with samples and a gift card to shop the sale . I hope you head out to your publix and see the huge deals you can get on all of these Old El Paso items thanks for looking

Here are some link for you so you can see the new items available

Publix ready plan save

Old El Paso

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