Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sinu Orega and OregaSpray review

Welcome to my review for these 2 really effective and natural Oreganol products. The first one I want to tell you about is the Sinu Orega . This is a all natural nasal spray to help with congestion, Whats great about it is its not just a salt water spray like most but has a lot of essential oils from herbals that provide a real kick.

I was surprised at how effective this spray was because I have used natural sprays before and though they are OK they just dont do enough to really open the nasal passages.

This spray has oil of Oregano,sage,bay leaf and clove in a pure sea salt base. If you like a more natural approach to clearing sinuses than I sure hope you give it a try it is totally non addicting as some OTC sprays are and really works well.

The Other product is OregaSpray and it can be used for so may different things. I like to use it as a breath freshener and let me tell you it really has a kick. You can use it also as a Potent Antimicrobial spray and air detoxifier. Its a great antiseptic and can even be used as a bug repellent.

On the back of the bottle is a long list of things you can use this product for which makes it a great value. here are some of the many uses for this spray

vegetable wash

air cleaner

hand cleaner

toothbrush spray

food cleaner

Breath Freshener

And so many other uses

I was sent free a sample of both of these so I could do this review. I think they are really effective and I take them with me in my purse. you can find more info about them here on the Oreganol website.Oreganol

I did a video review for both of these wonderful products so you could see packaging better and hear my thoughts about them thanks for looking

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