Monday, May 12, 2014

Spinach Lovers Unite! great and fast Spinach infused recipie

Well Its not to often that I Think to try an Idea in a common convenience food product but I have been having quite a craving for Spinach . what I did was make tuna helper and add caned spinach to it but the trick is to make sure your canned spinach has been drained and dried . If you don't do this you are going to have soup.

I have a strainer that is easy to get allllll of the water out of the canned spinach, and I do mean all! even if you are using frozen spinach you have to make sure it is as dry as it can get before you add it to the tuna helper.

The way I do this, is with a fine mesh strainer and then I also press it . After it looks like its got less packing water in it I will get several paper towels and blot it dry and then cut it up, THAN add a bit of onion powder NOT salt. This especially works well with canned spinach as its usually whole leaf. You will want it chopped.

Once you have put together the tuna helper as directions and its on simmer you add your thoroughly dried spiced spinach.

This really comes out very tasty and the spinach flavor really pops. On the other hand if you hate spinach just forget I posted this recipe. BUT keep in mind that spinach is good for you and your kids and though you will see the spinach in the mix naturally you can tell the kinds is just a spice LOL.

Here is a photo of this dish and how it should look . thanks for reading :) PS NO I did not get anything to try this recipe nore did I get anything free, I wanted to post this recipe because I know how hard it is to get kids to eat spinach. :)

OH and it will also make the tuna helper go farther. see. This Is after I took out a whole plate for my dinner.

Wow very tasty and good for you

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