Sunday, November 30, 2014

Evening Prayers: For Every Day of the Year book review

Welcome to my review of Evening Prayers: For Every Day of the Year. These prayers were written by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt who lived from 1842-1919. These are lovely prayers that are meant to be read in the evening .

I loved these prayers they are so pretty and would be a great gift for someone who may not be able to find the words to pray.

Sometimes we are so emotional or tired that we cant find words to say an evening prayer. This book makes it so easy and I like to read the prayer each night as a devotional. What I do is read one of the prayers and than go on with my regular prayers its a very nice finish to my day.

I think this book would make for a lovely gift this holiday season for anyone who is suffering and just does not have the words to pray, its also good for any christian who would like a very special devotional to have for every day of the year.

The reason I think it makes for a fantastic devotional is because before each prayer there is a scripture reading so you are getting a really complete worship aid in this book.

I am so happy I got to review it its going to be with me for years and is hard bound and sturdy. The prayers are lovely and so heartfelt I hope you get yourself a copy you will cherish it forever.

I received a free copy from handlebar in order to make this review. Thanks for looking

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