Wednesday, November 26, 2014

InStyler Pro Hair styling tools review #RSVPInstyler

Welcome to my review for the awesome InStyler hair styling tools I got to try through Vocalpoint R.S.V.P. These are so easy to use and you can create a professional looking hair style with them.

My favorite was the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro because I like my hair to be really flat . Normally my hair is very wavy and not in a good way, as I get older the waves turn to friz and those kinky hairs that you just can do anything with.

As you can see The InStyler Ionic Styler Pro is more than a flat iron it also doubles as a hot brush. You can click a button and the barrel locks in place for an instant hot brush to create volume at the root. The cool touch Bristles add shine.

I am going to talk about all of these but I first want to show you my before and after photos.

First- Before I used the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro, just after I washed and dried my hair as you can see its a mess.

Here is a few mins later after using the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro, which did very quick work on making my hair look so much smoother and nicer.

As you can see this product made my hair at my age of 54 look very smooth and that is just awesome. This hair style was done in just a few minuets and I love how shinny it made my hair look.

I also tried all the other InStyle tools and they are all fantastic. I do not do my hair curly often but when I want it that way I can get lovely curls using the TULIP Auto Curler.

This tool is so easy to use and would make for a fantastic gift for anyone with longer hair. You can do many different curls with this one from Beachy waves to tight curls . It has different settings and timers so you always get that perfect curl.

The next one I got to experiment with is the Instyler Max 2 way rotating Iron. This one is really great for flat ironing yet adding body and volume to thin hair. It Has a 2 way rotating barrel. It will not crush or damage hair.

This tool is great for straightening, volume,shine and controlling frizz you can also do curls with it and its so easy to use. You can make all kinds of great looking hair styles with this one in a flash . Here is a photo of that one

I love that the Max 2 way rotating iron smooths and polishes as it styles. The brush ads body to a style and its fast and easy.

I did a video review to feature all of these so you could see packaging and such. I think these would make for a wonderful gift for any woman on your list . You can buy them through this link and save some money as well- This is a special link for my readers.

InStyler hair styling tools DEAL
When you click this link you can save 30% by entering the code SAVE30 that is a huge savings.

Here is the video review I did so you can decide which one you would like for yourself or to give as a gift.

I sure hope you treat yourself to one of these fantastic and easy styling tools they are fun to use and will make your hair look so nice in a flash. These save so much time and I love the results. Thank you for looking at my review

I received some samples in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking . #RSVPInstyler

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