Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tilapia recipe cheap and easy and so tasty (my idea)

Well its not often I do a blog post just because I want to but I had a whole bunch of Tilapia and decided to experiment with it because its not exactly a fish with huge flavor.

If you want to make a dish that is cheap yet filled with flavor and a dish that will use up that Tilapia in a good way try this. You will need

Tilapia fillets as much as you want to use thawed. stick those in a combo of melted country crock and olive oil with these spices, no being chincy use a lot. Onion powder, rubbed sage, cagun seasoning, garlic powder, Thyme , sweet Paprika.(you can make this as spicy as you want)

Sorry I forgot to photo the onion powder, use any kind.

Make your Rice-A-Roni in any flavor you like I like the rice Pilaf , but this is also great with the Broccoli cheese one

once thats done add to it some French style cut green beans , MAKE sure they are drained! (I even dry them with a paper towel because you do not want extra liquid in this mix) mix that in with the rice. set aside.

Fry your fish in the above spice ,oil and country crock mixture until done. Use a spatula to chop it up and mix it in with all the stuff you cooked it in . Add finished rice and bean mixture mix it all in and let it cook on low to absorb flavors for about 10 mins.

Its very flavorful and you can add stuff to it if you want but its good just like this. Its a great way to do fish of any kind and make it with a nice zip to it. I would not say this is low calorie but its good- Thanks for looking :)

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